Laatste update questra (lianora)

Hierbij de laatste update, uit de telegram groep van Diego Martin.

Briefly from a conversation 01/08/2018

Mr. Diego Martín sent a voice message to the chat and then he talked with the investors and replied questions today. First, here is the summary of the voice message: “ ❇️ August has a lot of days, the company will not start today. Relax, take it easy, I will inform you when we’ll have all prepared. To open the office and the company takes a huge effort: we need to hire new people, we must legally registrate me as new CEO. We are at the stage of doing the legal process. Soon, we will have some details, like: date for signing contracts, etc. So please… have patience, we will open soon. This is our month.”

The summary of the chat.
Mr. Diego Martín started by saying:
❇️ “We are all waiting for the news: please, wait a little. If only you would know what it means legally to start a business in the United Arab Emirates.”

❇️ “Now, we are selecting and training new people for the company.”

❇️ To a question, why we have problems with the sites, like Lianora, he said, quote, “The reconstruction is still in process. It is normal that something doesn’t work. I assume, they started to change the sites.”
To another question, “How many days we must wait?”, he replied, “It depends now on legal things. I cant tell…”

❇️ He was asked to confirm whether he was the CEO officially or not, he replied, quote, “I confirm I will be the CEO of Questra”. Then, he was asked whether he had any doubts that he would be the new CEO, he replied, “I don’t have doubts”.

❇️ He thinks, that when the company will start, in the first 15 days, those directors will be able to withdraw, who will need to travel to Dubai, the rest of the investors will be able to withdraw after the first 15 days.

❇️ “As soon I’ll be in the office of Dubai, I will do a live video on my facebook from there.”
All the details about the new office in Dubai, he can tell us soon. ‘I can only tell you that my suitcase is ready, I’m waiting for the phone so that when they will tell me that tomorrow, I must be in Dubai, then I can go fast.”

❇️ To a question,“Will the data transfer be the same as before?” he replied,”We will try a new system… and we will change some department to improve the quality of the service”.

❇️ He can’t share it with us what the new name of the company will be, he said, “I can not talk about that yet … it’s not confirmed, because we do not agree”.

❇️ To the question
Is it possible to invite all directors from the 6th level to sign a contract? What are the conditions for choosing?
❇️ Mr. Diego replied:
“we have a choice for choosing directors, will not depend on the level”

“depends on many factors”

“i dont do the agenda… i have a department who do it for me”

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