Dear investors and partners of the company!
We know that many of you have faced a number of problems and need a competent support from the Company. Our team, as before, is ready to answer all your questions as soon as possible.
The financial and analytical department, in turn, has focused the efforts to fulfill the previously set tasks.
For now, the company suspended the account maintenance in the European countries and CIS countries.
At the same time, our analysts are developing a plan for the full implementation of commitments of the company to every investor and partner.
According to the roadmap, announced on the anniversary of the company in Turkey, where we together with you developed our path of development and scaling, it was planned to make a full 100% payment in crypto-currencies within the next 7-10 days.
This will allow the Company to fulfill its commitments and maximally insure the risks of the crypto-currency market, as well as significantly regulate the relations with regulatory authorities.
At present stage, payments have already been made for 100% of commitments in all regions.
The only exception is the European segment of investors and partners, for which the necessary legal procedures are being developed.