Start AI Marketing.

Last Updated on 15 maart 2021 by Anne

After you have registered via the registration procedure via the description below, you will proceed as follows.

Registration procedure AI Marketing

  • login via the AI Marketing website use the blue logo to log in.
  • In the top right corner, set the language to Dutch. So you get the same names I give here.
  • If it’s all right, all your amounts are still at 0.
  • To start, you must first make a deposit of at least $10 (that’s about 8 euros). Don’t start too high, you can always top up, first see if this is something for you.
  • Click on “increase budge
    t”When selling, enter the amount of your choice (minimum
    10)select the payment option e.g. credit card, ApplePay, GooglePay or bitco off the payment as you are used to.
    The amount will be processed in Rubels in your bank. it is converted to Euro by default. So suddenly it seems like a lot what they write off, but Rubel is not worth that much:):) (737,18 RUB = € 8,30)
  • Once your amount has been processed it is listed under “ads balance” it will take about 48 to 74 hours for your robot to start.
  • Your amount will then be added to “advertising budget” and the robot status will then be set to “at work”
  • As soon as money is visible in Cashback, it means that your first sales have been made.
  • Your robot runs for a certain period of time, depending on the amount you paid for your Robot.
  • When your robot is ready, you need to turn on a new one to earn again. This can be done from your proceeds from your previous robot. In the beginning, you’ll have to be patient if you’ve started with an amount under $100. Then this does not end smoothly, this will run itself.
  • Every product the robot has sold in your name will earn you an X amount. But because customers can also return products, for example, you will only receive this amount after a while in your CashBac
    k balance sheet. The sale is therefore first on “pending/pending” for a while before it is listed on “approved/approved”.
    You can’t use money that’s waiting to turn on a new robot. Once you have r
    un the robot for a while, this will go a bit smoother and you can start a new robot faster and faster.
  • Turning on a new robot can be done from as little as $10 in your CashBack Balance

Click on “reload” and choose the payment options “Use cashback ….
Post the amount you want to use for your robot and click “pay”

And this repeat, you keep
. You can always decide for yourself which part you use to activate a new robot and which part you have paid out.