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AI Marketing Review

Last Updated on 17 februari 2021 by Anne

AI Marketing is a company where you buy an advertising package. This is possible from as little as $ 10. After your purchase, they will advertise companies on different platforms via a bot, on all sales that you sell through your bot, you will receive a percentage. You can then use these proceeds to activate new bots or have them paid out.
The company gives you a voucher of $ 50, so you can test the bot, however, the disadvantage of this is that you can not compound with $ 10 but with $ 100, so this is certainly not recommended, also because you also have to pay the $ 50 back to AI marketing. It is better to start with at least $ 10 yourself. So you can grow and compound faster.

Started: 04-12-2020
Minimum starting amount: $ 10
Deposit: $ 70 + Started with the $ 50 coupon (my advice DO NOT use Coupon)
Withdraw: not yet tested

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is AImarketing-640x296.png

13.02.2021 Update robot runs smoothly and website works fine.

For those who start, do not use the $ 50 coupon, but just deposit $ 10 yourself, this gives you more options.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is aimarketing1-640x328.png
26.12.2020 update: the first payments are coming in since today, more and more are going from pending.

26.12.2020 update: my marketing package has now expired and I am awaiting the payments. By default, these are pending for about 4 weeks, because people can of course return their products, so that your reward will expire.
 If you choose yourself, to only work with the $ 50 you get on loan, if you want to earn money faster, it is smart to buy 1 or 2 marketing packages.
 It runs fine and also hear very good messages around me. Payouts are smooth.
 But you cannot invest in everything, so for now I will look at this one.

04-12-2020 update: Signed up and used my $ 50 code to activate my first package, once it ends pay the $ 50 return to AI Marketing. So you get the money on loan and you can keep the profit. So you can test for free and see how everything works.