Grand opening
Grand opening

Grand opening

📣Big News📣

We wanted to Share with you our LAUNCH DATE as during launch we will implement a lot of cool features like:

  • sales pages and landing pages
  • compounding calculator
  • crypto portal
    And more!!

Because lots of this features are in creation and testing mode, we decided to launch at

🗓 Monday 13 Sep 2021!

🎉So that grand opening is coming soon!

💚 I also wanted to thank you all for an amazing Pre-Launch and support you offered us. We already have almost 2000 users on board elevate Pass within just few days!

This is a great score and I’m really proud of all of our leaders and users making it happen. I know that the grand opening will open the doors for many many more!

Talk to you soon,
Elevate Pass Founders

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