Owner rights worden Crowd1 Rewards

Op 15 april worden alle Owner Rights omgezet naar Crowd1 Rewards.
De eerste uitbetaling hiervan gaat plaats vinden op 15 juni 2020


All Owner Rights will be exchanged to Crowd1 REWARDS on April 15!

In the exclusive pioneer period until April 15, Crowd1 presents chapter 4 of the GREATEST PROMOTION in the history of online networking. FREE UPGRADE for all existing and new Crowd1 members!

To unite all members, Crowd1 will have one type of Owner Rights and renaming them Crowd1 Rewards. This allows qualified Crowd1 members to earn from all Crowd1 online products and services around the world!

On April 15, we will stop distributing Owner Rights. Between April 16 and April 22, all existing Owner Rights has to be converted into Crowd1 Rewards!

The first Crowd1 REWARD pay-date – June 15 – 2020

From April 16, Crowd1 will hand out Crowd1 Rewards in all Education Packages and the Streamline Bonus. Crowd1 Rewards will replace all Owner Rights, where they have been distributed. Already converted Pioneer Owner Rights will automatically transfer to your Crowd1 Rewards account.

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