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Last Updated on 25 december 2020 by Anne

Monarch Capital News

Temporary failure summary

Our experts have fixed the error that caused the crash. Daily multi-accruals on deposits have been fixed, some had a profit of 40% in 1 day, we did not leave records about multi-accruals, left only withdrawals and summarized the accounting report. Those who had payments more than usual – the balance has become minus, now due to new accruals it will go to 0. That is, some investors received several accruals before the reglaments.

We are updating our bitcoin node, all incoming and outgoing payments will be processed automatically as soon as the node is synchronized, approximately 3-4 hours.

For some accounts, accruals may be displayed incorrectly in the deposit statistics. Statistics will be corrected soon (up to 48 hours).

The statistics will include yesterday’s payments and accruals for the 22nd day will be displayed with the actual amount that was before payments.

Congratulations with a nice bonus for the lucky ones)