Elevate Pass (ENG)

Elevate Pass (ENG)

Elevate Pass is a transparent company with 2 Dutch and 2 English Owners, where you can start from as little as $10, earning passive income.
Starting is simple, register for FREE at the banner below.
And activate at least 1 package of $10 (= about 8 euros)

Who are the founders of Elevate Pass
Rafael and Kaja from England (and originally Polish.)
Jolanda and Mark from the Netherlands
After meeting each other several times at business meetings.
They now wanted to bundle their experiences and strengths to begin something beautiful and stable for the future and so Elevate Pass was born.

What do they want to achieve?

Their mission is to help others achieve financial freedom through passive income.
And potentially create multiple sources of income.

How do they want to do this?

With income from the ad packs that are bought, they will pay a reward to their active members with a part of the profits from crypto trading, and other things.
So everyone who has bought packs.

In the future they want to add their own token and more functions to generate additional revenue streams for the company.

Elevate Pass stands for freedom, transparency, reliability and passion

How do you build a passive income?

By purchasing ad packs at $10 each, you will receive up to 3% cashback on your active packs every Wednesday.
Each pack expires after it has earned 200% , off weekly cashback, direct commission and matrix commission.

For every package purchased, the money goes to the trading fund used for Crypto Trading.
From this comes the weekly cashback earnings.
There is a maximum of 3% weekly, with no minimum. So it can also be 2.5% or 2% weekly.
If trading revenues are higher than 3%, they are placed in a reserve fund to compensate for disappointing trading results.
Not setting a minimum weekly cashback can keep them going for years and years.

By compounding your revenue, repurchasing ad packs.
Your revenue grows.
By turning on automatic compounding, you don’t have to log in to your account every day.
Your new packs will then be activated automatically when it hits the $10.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made with different crypto.
Be careful when using low starting amounts use LTC, TRX or XRP this because off the high fee of BTC and ETH.

If you deposit with Binance, you will receive the fee back from binance. (this is because they also work with Binance)
It doesn’t matter if you deposit with BTC and then pay out with LTC.
So it doesn’t matter the choice is yours

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View here how you can purchase a package, of course we are happy to help you with this, if you can’t manage it.

Additional returns, both passive and active is possible with this compensation plan.
How does it work?

Direct commission: If you like to share your positive experiences and register other people, you will receive a 10% bonus on every purchased package from this person. (also the packages that this person compound)

Matrix commission: This commission is for anyone who has an active pack whether you are passive or active.
After purchasing a pack, you automatically claim your spot in the matrix. This matrix gives 1.8% each package depending on your career level. (also the packages that are compounded, within your structure)
The matrix can be filled by people you introduce yourself, but also by spillover from e.g. your sponsor or people you have introduced.

How does the matrix’s revenue model work

Anyone who has at least 1 active pack gets a standard 1.8% matrix bonus over the first 4 levels.

The next floor requires $200 in direct and matrix commissions in earnings.

It is important to know that you are buying a product and that this is not an investment.
You can already start with $10
And you receive a weekly cashback on every active package you own.

In the back office, you will find various promotional materials to share.
There are also weekly webinars/zoom presentations and you can participate in the zoom with the 4 owners every month.

How to get started

1. Register for FREE at this link

2. Buy a package with crypto and you immediately claim a place in the matrix.

3. You immediately start earning passive income and commissions.

Elevate Foundation

They find it important to financially support small charities.
If you know a charity that could use support, you can pass this on to them and they will consider it.
Elevate Pass will share a percentage of the profits with Elevate Foundation, which will support various causes around the world.

We indicate through the disclaimer that we are not financial advisors, always do your own research.

Before you buy a package and never buy more than you can spare.

Do you want to be eligible for our Grand Opening promotion?
Sign up today and start with at least $10
We double every 5th starter, his starting amount, with a maximum of 10 packages.
Action valid until September 13, 2021
Greetings Annemarie and Corine

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