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    Nexyiu review

    Started: 22-03-2021Minimal subscription: € 499 maximum € 1999 for 3 years. Deposit: €1999 is 6 installmentsWithdraw: is requested and on the way. NeXyiu is an Italian company started as a star up in…

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    The countdown has started….

    After the fire at the data centre in the french capital last Wednesday, the 19-year-old was attacked by police. Has the countdown to the restart started, the data centers that are not corrupted…

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    Not a scam, but hacked

    Where I assumed scam, because the payments stopped coming in. Turned out to be a hack afterwards, when I looked at my payer address in the payouts, I noticed that this was not…

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    House flipping CMMT

    1 of CMMT's new products, will be the House Flipping project. Old houses are bought as an investment, after which they undergo a metamorphosis and are sold. More info tonight during the English…

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    The countdown is running

    Dear clients and partners, Countdown – Pre-Launch Phase – 15.02.2021 Pre-LAUNCH – 15.02.2021THE COUNTDOWN IS ON!Only 1 DAY left until the start of our Pre-Launch Phase! With success- and future-oriented greetingsYour CMMT-Revolution TEAM

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    Start AI Marketing.

    After you have registered via the registration procedure via the description below, you will proceed as follows. Registration procedure AI Marketing login via the AI Marketing website use the blue logo to log…

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    AI Marketing

    Make money while you sleep, the robot does the work.With a minimum deposit starting at $10 (€8), you can start making money online today. How does it work? You first sign up here…

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    Beurax review

    Beurax trade and you can buy packages from $20.Je buy e.g. package for 20 days with 0.001 BTC and receive 1.4% on working days, as we have done. Let it run until your…

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    Bitperfect review (SCAM)

    With bitperfect you get between 7 and 28% profit per day, depending on your deposit. Bitperfect is a Mining platform. They started office on 07.12.2020 Minimum starting amount is $10 and can be…