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AI Marketing Review

Last Updated on 17 February 2021 by Anne

AI Marketing is a company where you buy an advertising package. This is possible from as little as $ 10. After your purchase, they will advertise companies on different platforms via a bot, on all sales that you sell through your bot, you will receive a percentage. You can then use these proceeds to activate new bots or have them paid out.
The company gives you a voucher of $ 50, so you can test the bot, however, the disadvantage of this is that you can not compound with $ 10 but with $ 100, so this is certainly not recommended, also because you also have to pay the $ 50 back to AI marketing. It is better to start with at least $ 10 yourself. So you can grow and compound faster.

Started: 04-12-2020
Minimum starting amount: $ 10
Deposit: $ 70 + Started with the $ 50 coupon (my advice DO NOT use Coupon)
Withdraw: not yet tested

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is AImarketing-640x296.png

13.02.2021 Update robot runs smoothly and website works fine.

For those who start, do not use the $ 50 coupon, but just deposit $ 10 yourself, this gives you more options.

Deze afbeelding heeft een leeg alt-attribuut; de bestandsnaam is aimarketing1-640x328.png
26.12.2020 update: the first payments are coming in since today, more and more are going from pending.

26.12.2020 update: my marketing package has now expired and I am awaiting the payments. By default, these are pending for about 4 weeks, because people can of course return their products, so that your reward will expire.
 If you choose yourself, to only work with the $ 50 you get on loan, if you want to earn money faster, it is smart to buy 1 or 2 marketing packages.
 It runs fine and also hear very good messages around me. Payouts are smooth.
 But you cannot invest in everything, so for now I will look at this one.

04-12-2020 update: Signed up and used my $ 50 code to activate my first package, once it ends pay the $ 50 return to AI Marketing. So you get the money on loan and you can keep the profit. So you can test for free and see how everything works.
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Leuk concept, je kunt mooi eerst alles testen, en bekijken met de $50 die je van hun te leen krijgt. Je betaald deze dan terug zodra je dit bedrag aan opbrengst hebt ontvangen de rest van de winst mag je uitbetalen en kun je nieuwe marketing pakketten van kopen.

Erg leuk en zeer duidelijke website.

  • Company
  • Support
  • Withdraw
  • Deposit
  • Website/backoffice


  • Via mijn link ontvang je $50 om te starten en te testen, deze geef je na het testen weer retour aan AI Marketing, de opbrengst mag jij houden.


  • Je moet er echt even uitleg bij hebben, om alles te snappen
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