Herstart voor money flow
Herstart voor money flow

Herstart voor money flow

Nadat van de week de website van Money Flow onder vuur lag en steeds slecht of helemaal niet bereikbaar was.

Is besloten de site niet te repareren, maar een compleet nieuwe website te openen.

De teams blijven behouden, en iedereen start weer op $0 , op zich heeft in dit stadium zo net na de start van 16 Jan. Nog niet heel veel meer dan $20 verloren., omdat de meeste maximaal op een pakket van $25 zaten.

Hierbij orginele bericht van Money Flow:


šŸ“Œ Dear partner.

Money-Flow was very badly damaged by the hackers.
But they couldn’t get the money.

Unfortunately, we can no longer produce money flow as it was with over 30,000 active partners. This all has to be done by hand.

In the last 24 hours we have had a lot of conversations with our partners (the partners who have over 500 people in the team).

We want to offer the following.

1. We activate a new domain.
2. The entire system money flow and structure will be transferred as accurately as the last day of work. The partners stay where they were and no partner is lost.
3. All wallets will be set to $0 because everything here was destroyed by the hackers. Since we can only add the money manually and with over 30,000 active partners, this will take months and it will cost a lot of money because we have to pay our employees.
The system practically starts from the beginning. Nobody will have an active investment case.
4. We will write a script that will distribute the remaining money to the partners and book it into the wallet in BackOffice in the dashboard that meets the following criteria.
The partners who have invested a lot and received little or no profit will receive the average refund and can pay it out immediately.

PLEASE remember that not all partners will get money!

That’s how it is, BUT also remember that you don’t lose a lot of money, maybe a maximum of 5-20$ and no more.

You’ve probably lost a lot more many times when the website simply disappeared with your money.

That’s why we’re looking for solutions!
We realize our suggestion won’t suit everyone, but this is the only way to start again and keep going.

Falling down is easy, but getting up again requires strength and courage!

Most 80% partners may have only lost $5, but you may be one of those who will get money back.

SO, you decide whether Money-Flow should continue to work or not!
We need 400 liks then we start working and preparing everything. I think we will have everything ready by Sunday evening.

Sorry but this could happen to anyone.
But we as a team get back up.

Sincerely, Team Money-Flow


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