Vidilook Eng

Vidilook Eng

Vidilook is an American company, started in April 2023.
They offer the opportunity to earn money through their online platform, for example, they work together with TikTok, Facebook, Google Ads, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo, and other major players.

They have 4 different packages, which you can purchase separately or combine.

1 Star: $50 earns $100 (X2) in ad revenue, $0.75 per day (1.5%)
2 Star: $150 earns $450 (X3) in ad revenue, $2.25 per day (1.5%)
3 Star: $500 earns $2,000 ( X4) in ad revenue, $7.5 per day (1.5%)
4 Star: $1500 earns $7500 (X5) in ad revenue, $22.5 per day (1.5%)

Your proceeds back in 66 days.
Deposit and withdraw via USDT TRC-20 only.
Withdrawable daily from $10.
Interesting and extensive compensation plan that accelerates the payment of the advertising revenue.
Daily login required to receive your ad revenue, which can be done passively by leaving the program open on your PC or accelerated by ‘swiping away’ ads on mobile
$50 – 1 minute per day
$150 – 2 minutes per day
$500 – 7 minutes per day
$1500 – 22 minutes per day

Sign up for FREE at Vidilook via the banner below.

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