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AI Marketing

Last Updated on 16 maart 2021 by Anne

Make money while you sleep, the robot does the work.
With a minimum deposit starting at $10 (€8), you can start making money online today.

How does it work?
You first sign up here on INB

After you are logged in to INB, go to AI Marketing in your menu and login.
With the details from INB at the bleu logo.

Please note choose the blue sign to log in.

You’re signed up now and you can start making money.

How it works: You buy a Bot (robot), it advertises for you on various webshop sites. You will receive an amount of money from every sale your robot makes. The robot works an X number of days, depending on your deposited amount. The more you invest, the longer the robot will work for you.

But you can also earn nice money here with a small amount of money, because you can use the amount your robot has earned again to make a robot work. However, because this amount of course grows, because the robot earns for you. So you can make the robot work longer every time and you earn more and more. Every $10 you can invest in a robot again, so this is going to run faster and faster.

So I invested $119.98 myself in this example and earned back $ total of $169.37
Example of my daily earnings

For the sake of reinvesting part of your profits in a robot and paying out the rest.

Do you need help we can be reached by whatsapp.+

Team Cryptogirls

You can invest /Deposit with Credit card, ApplePay, Googlepay, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Payeer and many more possibilities.

Make your first investment and how to proceed…... in AI Marketing