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Bitperfect review (SCAM)

Last Updated on 12 maart 2021 by Anne

With bitperfect you get between 7 and 28% profit per day, depending on your deposit. Bitperfect is a Mining platform. T
hey started office on 07.12.2020 Minimu
m starting amount is $10 and can be paid out from as little
as $0.5This is really one for the daredevils, who know how this world works.

Started: 10.01.2021D
eposit: $10Wi
th: Yes immediately, deposited to your wallet.
Stop logging in to the website

13.02.2021 Update: Unfortunately, the withdraws have been on pending for a number of days. Site is still online, but email from bitperfect is now overloaded with links to HYIP. So he can go to SCAM, as far as I’m concerned.

29.01.2021 update: withdraw tested, payout deposited directly into your wallet.

25.01.2021 Update: My profit turned on today as a new package. Runs nicely so far, yield is 7% per day. Seven days a week.

10.01.2021: Started with $10, just look at it and compound it