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Crypto Dollar review (Scam)

Last Updated on 29 april 2021 by Anne

Started: 28.09.2020M
inimal starting amount: 50 XRPM
inimal withdraw: 50 XRP + 3 xrp costDeposit:
100 XRP Upon regi
stration you will already receive a number of CDLR coins
as a gift. Withdraw: Yes within hours in my XRP walle

Update 29.04.2021 Er was al tijdje weinig communicatie, we zagen steeds meer dingen aangepast worden in negatieve vorm. En nu is de website offline. op naar scam helaas.

Update 01.02.2021: A lot has happened since then, not everything has been to our advantage. For example, the daily profits are now set to pending and converted to CDLR twice a month. Do they now have trading bot that you buy with at least 500XRP and everything no longer runs so smoothly. They are busy in the background, but for now I would not start this one and wait and quietly.

Update 25.12.2020: We grow nicely, have regular withdraw here, which is deposited neatly within 48 hours. There has been an adjustment in the profit, so you now get the 5% divided into 1% XRP and 4% CDLR, a package now runs for 6 months and when it ends, you will receive the value in CDLR back in your wallet.
It has also been announced that the CDLR tcoin can be traded on the exchange from Ma
y. That’s a good prospect.

Update 27-11-2020
This is getting more and more fun, especially now that the
XRP is on the rise. Have now purchased quite a few packages and pay out several times
a week. Also this week the 2% profit of the XRP goes to 2.2% so even more profit daily. Now 231 referrals and already countless referrals given away to my downline :):)

Update 13.10.2
020 First payout requested today at 2pm, received around 11pm today in my cryptowallet in XRPNum
ber of teammembers now stands at 177 friends

Update 12.10.20
20In average growing nicely, xrp pack no.6 purchased. And now 172 teammembers, where more are now becoming more active every day.

Update 05.10.20
20 After having placed some advertisements on PTC website, now team with more than 140 members and I purchased my
2nd packet. For now, I’m g
oing to keep compounding. It has already been announced this week that CDLR will go to exchange in Feb. The XRP will also make a division in Dec and we will get the same number as our XRP on the new coin in our wallet in our back office.

Update 29.09.20
20Day 1 the first xrp and CDRL yield.

Update 28.09.202
0From today started with 50 XRP, is worth about €10 at the moment
. It is important here that before you register people you already turn on your leadership pack, you can only do this once and then have 30 days to reach your target. If you don’t get these, there’s nothing wrong. But if you turn it on later and you already have referrals, then these don’t count, that’s a shame of c
ourse. You earn both XRP and CDLR coins.