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Nexyiu review

Last Updated on 14 april 2021 by Anne

Started: 22-03-2021
Minimal subscription: € 499 maximum € 1999 for 3 years. D
eposit: €1999 is 6 installment
sWithdraw: is requested and on the way.

NeXyiu is an Italian company started as a star up in 2018, first creating a Shopping Community to offer their products and services to their subscribers. I
n Italy, this is a great success, so they have gone from a BV to an NV since the end of 2020, because a number of large investors have joined. As a result, they can now also roll
out this great success in Europe.

For the coming years they have big plans, they want to open Russia, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Belgium and the Netherlands. Of course, that's good news for us.

You buy a subscription and then get 40, 80 or 170 euros every month for 3 years that you can spend or have paid out.

This way you buy a subscription for 3 years. You get an amount for this every month that you can spend on Nexyiu's products or services, but you can also just have this paid out to your bank. A smart subscription costs you €499 and gives you €1440 to spend in 3 years. A premium of € 999 gives you € 2880 to spend and a family costs € 1999 and gives you no less than €6120 to spend in 3 years.

Now they had a special action at the end of 2020 and it was such a great success that they held it. This way y
ou can now pay for the subscriptions in instalments. Which is of course great and also gives extra benefit. Yo
u can use the monthly credits for these instalments and so the family subscription is suddenly the most purchased subscription, because you can pay it in 6 installments of € 333.17, but because you can use the € 170 that you receive monthly, you pay not €333.17 per month but €163.17 per month for 6 months.

In addition to the products and services that Nexyiu offers, you also want to earn extra money from building a team.
Then this is also possible and you can earn nice commissions and bonuses that you receive monthly. An
d what's great is that what you build up in bonus and commission you keep this as well, as long as your subscrip
tion runs. This way, your monthly bonuses can add up to nice extras every month.

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