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Last Updated on 26 maart 2020 by Anne

Started: 26.03.202
0Minimal starting amount:
$100Minimal withdraw: $
100Deposit: €
100Withdraw: start from 5 Jan. 2021

21.02.2021 update: A lot has happened, everything looks better and better, had a conversation with the owner himself. Which, in my view, was a genuine and honest conversation, with great prospects and achievable plan
s. I'm going to go for it again, bring on the future.

22.01.2021 update: Restart has already started on 15.01.2021 from next Monday we should see the first real profit back in our wallets. To be continued……

05.01.2021 Update; We're all going to
see it. Cautious
ly positive

update 27-11-202:Unexpected turn today. After months of silence, there is suddenly movement on the website again and we received the email below. So we're going to follow him again, so off the scam list again.

Dear clients and partners,

After a longer creative break, we come back full of energy and strength !!
What happened, happened, but our vision is to look to the future with you
! The time has come, we are back on the market before Christmas, stronger, bigger and safer than ever
! The past has taught us a lot and that's why we want to return to the world's stages with our heads held high!

Together with you we will prove that we definitely have our right to do so and we will continue to become the largest company in this area!
Let's keep past successes, build on them and write history together !!!

News, exact dates for launch day and everything else will be communicated to you via email
and in the new groups! Each of you will gradually receive all the important information!

Violations of the general terms and conditions are punished and blocked for security, as are empty accounts or placeholders.
For accounts that are inappropriately locked, please contact support to verify activation.
Also, there will be live webinars and videos again as a flow of information.

We look forward to great innovations and new developments in our ranks!

Best regards
Your CMMT Revolution TEAM