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Golden Birds review

Last Updated on 26 juni 2018 by Anne

Started: 26.06.201
8Minimal starting amount: Free to pla
yMinimal withdraw:
Deposit: 6036.94 RUB

Update 16.03.2021: what looked like scam, turned out afterwards that I had been hacked. In the meantime, the payouts come neatly in my own payer wallet and not that of the hacker.

Update 23.10.202
0Er is a new version of Golden Farm.I
t is better put together and pays out nicely.
See updated version

Update 19.09.202
0In the years many birds have been spa
red. Because you can only pay out if you put people in or if they make a deposit. It's very limited – but good as a game it's funny. Today
has been paid out again for a long time, the previous 2 had not arrived in my wallet so this one is a wait and see, otherwise this also disappears towards SCAM