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Million BTC Jackpot Review (Scam)

Last Updated on 2 januari 2021 by Anne

Here, anyone can join our Jackpot to win big prizes and participate in our Matrix Cycler commission plan that offers the ability to earn $1,000,000 plus unlimited 100% matching bonus and 10% affiliate bonus, starting with a small nominal spend of just $10.

The Mini Jackpot Draw is held for every 100 tickets sold and the next round starts automatically.The Mega Jackpot draw is held at the end of each month with big prizes.

Every participant also receives free Banner and login views after registration.

Started: 02-01-2021Mi
nimal starting amount: after launch in February $10, registration is already possible and is just FREE.
Deposit: $1
00Withdraw: processed within hour
sWebsite no longer login SCAM

12.03.2021 update: This is also possible towards Scam, site is still online, but admin no longer gives support and everything is stopped.

01.02.2021 Update: Today would be the launch of the website, it has been postponed for several days. Due to error in script, sometimes only 9 winners were drawn in a lottery instead of 10. They have neatly communicated this to all members in an email, so it remains to be seen when they will start now.

25.01.2021 Update: Pre launch has stopped. from 01.02.2021 they will officially start. The promotion below is no longer valid from the 26th.

Pre launch until February 1, 2021:We are still preparing the Million BTC Jackpot website.The public launch is scheduled for February 1, 2021 UTC.During the pre-launch, you can join our Founding Members program to get great benefits.The cost of the founding membership is just $100.

  • Get 2x jackpot tickets. ie 20 tickets
  • Early Cycler positions.10 positions before public launch.
  • Get 50% more referral committee for life.
  • Get 50% more jackpot prize for life.

22.01.2021 Update: 1st withdraw done, received neatly within hours in my wallet. Cycler does not run with me yet, but is already listed in the list of next in line. Cycler in itself will not really run until after the launch of 1 Feb. As of this week, all members have also received 10,000 banner views and 100 login views, including the free sig
n-ups. So immediately put my banners and links. 🙂

09.01.2021 Update: Founding membership purchased for $100 and now advertising referrals. On to Febr
uary 1st for launch.

02.01.2021 Update: Registered and subscribed to telegram grou
p. Support runs smoothly and payouts go neatly for now, as far as I can read in the telegram group.