L7 Dex info
L7 Dex info

L7 Dex info

“What is L7Dex? It is an exchange that aims to become the largest decentralized exchange in the world. And why are we confident that L7 will succeed? Because savvy investors know that when evaluating a project, you always bet on the jockey, not the horse.

L7 was founded by a group of experienced and successful Chinese investors. This group achieved nearly 5 trillion dollars in trading volume with their former trading platform and sold it to a public company during China’s crypto ban of 2017.

L7, also known as “L7 trading,” is a cryptocurrency trading platform that gained attention due to its connection with the Chinese investor group you mentioned. According to your description, this group of experienced and successful Chinese investors had prior involvement in the cryptocurrency trading space, achieving nearly $5 billion in trading volume with their former platform. They reportedly sold this platform to a public company during China’s cryptocurrency ban in 2017.

It’s important to note that my knowledge is based on information available up until September 2021, and I might not have information on events occurring after that date. If these events happened after September 2021, I wouldn’t have direct information about them. However, I can provide general insights and information about cryptocurrency trading platforms and related topics if you’re interested.

L7 was founded by a group of experienced and successful Chinese investors. This group achieved nearly 5 trillion dollars in trading volume with their former trading platform and sold it to a public company during China’s crypto ban of 2017.

They also owned 300,000 Bitcoin miners in Beijing, China, which were exported from China and rebuilt in North America after the ban in 2017. During COVID-19, they invested in a prestigious spa named HealthLand, which has 50 locations in Malaysia. This group also owns 66% of the largest web TV in Asia, which has 6.3 trillion monthly viewers.

Now these investors are creating the largest decentralized exchange or DEX in the world. They have the capital, the track record, and the knowledge to build it, but they need only one thing to achieve their goal as quickly as possible: a large user base for the exchange. And this is exactly the opportunity I want to present to you today. We have an opportunity to not only get in with an extremely lucrative marketing plan but also leverage the growth of the exchange’s native token.

Anyone who has followed the development of native tokens like PancakeSwap, SushiSwap, or even Binance knows what this means: get in early and watch the value grow.

The question is, how can I benefit from this unique opportunity? So let’s talk about the company’s marketing plan. The company offers us the opportunity to buy NFTs ranging from a hundred dollars to a hundred thousand dollars.


You can stake them for 10, 30, 90, 180, or 360 days. In return, we receive a daily gross staking reward of 1.5%. Now, why do I say ‘gross’? Because there are different fees depending on the staking duration. For example, a 10-day stake incurs a 30% fee, resulting in a net yield of 1.05%. A 360-day stake incurs a 10% fee, resulting in a net yield of 1.35% or about 40% per month.

The staking rewards are credited daily in the stablecoin called LUSD. One LUSD equals one USDT in the back office. This is where it gets very exciting: every day, we can decide whether to convert our LUSD into USDT and make a withdrawal or restake the LUSD, which, in turn, generates LSD with a 1.5% daily return.

LSD is the official L7 Dex platform token. The LSD token starts at 10 cents, and its price will increase day by day until it’s listed on major exchanges. The launch of L7 Dex is expected in about three or four months. The LSD token will be for L7 Dex what BNB is for the Binance Smart Chain or what Ethereum is for the ERC20 network. Meaning that anyone who wants to use the L7 Dex and perform transactions will need the LSD token to cover the fees.

Now, fast forward to a time when the L7 exchange is widely used. Could the value of the L7 token, LSD, be compared to BNB and Binance? Maybe. But if that seems too good to be true, what if the value only grows to 10% of BNB? We would still be talking about a hundredfold increase or more.

Absolutely, the potential growth of the L7 token (LSD) as the L7 exchange becomes widely used is an exciting proposition. While predicting the exact future value of a cryptocurrency is always uncertain and subject to market dynamics, the comparison to tokens like BNB and Binance is valid in terms of potential utility and value appreciation.

If the L7 token were to achieve a similar status to BNB in terms of being essential for transactions and fees on the L7 exchange, its value could indeed see substantial growth. Even if it were to reach just a fraction, like 10%, of the value of BNB, as you mentioned, this would still represent a significant increase in value. It’s important to keep in.

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How to Start?

**Getting Started with Trust Wallet, Metamask, Token Pocket, or Similar Wallets on the Binance Smart Chain**

To get started, you’ll need to use Trust Wallet, Metamask, Token Pocket, or a similar wallet that is compatible with the Binance Smart Chain. Ensure that you have USDT BEP20 in your wallet and some BNB to cover the transaction fees. About half a BNB should be more than sufficient for this purpose. Now, click the referral link you received and connect your wallet to the website.

**Buying NFTs**

To purchase NFTs, click on the “NFT” section and select the desired NFT. Next, click on “Buy” and confirm the transaction in your wallet. Afterward, the NFT will be visible in your assets within two or three minutes. 

**Staking the NFT**

To stake the NFT, navigate to “My Assets.” On the right side of the NFT, you will find a “Stake” button. Click it and then select the desired duration. Confirm your selection, and the staking process will begin.

**Affiliate Marketing Opportunity**

For those interested in affiliate marketing, L7Dex offers an incredibly lucrative compensation plan. As a participant, you’ll receive 5% of your sponsor’s staking profits and an additional 5% from your sponsor’s sponsor. This means you’ll earn a daily profit on two levels above you.

**Direct Partner Registration**

When you register a direct partner, you’ll receive a 10% profit share of their staking profits. Additionally, when they register a partner, you’ll also receive 10 % of that partner’s staking profits.

**Building a Team**

Imagine having ten people on the first level, each with five people on their first level. In this scenario, you will receive a daily 10% of the profits from 50 people. If these individuals collectively earn $5000 from staking, you’ll receive $500 every day. But that’s not all – once your team reaches $20,000, you achieve the rank of V1 and qualify for a 10% daily reward on the entire depth of your team.

**Differential Bonus**

Now, let’s discuss the differential bonus, sometimes referred to as a generational bonus or an infinity bonus. To illustrate, when you have two V2 members below you in different legs, you become a V3. As a V3, you can receive up to 30% of your team’s profits. If a leg has no rank, you’ll receive 30% of the earnings from everyone in that leg. If a leg has a V2, that V2 member will receive 20% of their group’s profits, and you will receive the difference between the 30% you qualify for and the 20% the V2 member earned. In this example, you’ll receive 10% for the entire depth of the leg below the V2.

**Power of the Differential Bonus**


Moreover, you’ll also receive 30% of the profits from the V2 members upwards. This is why it’s called a differential bonus, and its potential is significant. Thank you for learning more about L7Dex. Together, we can make it the largest and most lucrative decentralized exchange in the world.

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