L7Dex update 04.04.2024
L7Dex update 04.04.2024

L7Dex update 04.04.2024

Announcement on System Update and New Launch of Farming and 7 Pool Products

Dear Users,

1. System Update Notification:
The system will undergo a system update today at 10:00 (UTC+4). Access to the system will be temporarily unavailable during this time, with the update expected to complete in approximately two hours. This enhancement focuses on optimizing both the UI and functional features of our system.

2. Introduction of New Farms and 7 Pool Products for the Loserchick Project:
Today, we officially launch the Farms and 7 Pool products related to the Loserchick token, CHICK, on L7 DEX, marking it as the second project of our LaunchPad initiative. Here are the specific details of the new offerings:

A. Launch of Initial Farm:
Introducing a new USDT+CHICK->CHICK Initial Farms product, featuring a maximum daily yield of 0.8% and up to 3x leverage. For users participating in the LoserChick LaunchPad (IDO) event, 50% of their CHICK tokens will be automatically allocated to the farm, earning leveraged returns. The farms total value equivalent to the value of the tokens deposited.

LSD+CHICK->CHICK farm product, with a maximum daily yield of 0.8% and up to 3x leverage.

B. Launch of 7 Pool Products:
Debuting a product that allows for the staking of CHICK to earn CHICK. Actual yields are subject to the official website’s product information.

C. About LoserChick Project:
LoserChick emerges as the pioneering full-chain GameFi within the BTC ecosystem. LoserChick is the world’s first 3D ‘Claw Machine’ game based on blockchain technology. It integrates NFT and GameFi elements, including liquidity mining, NFT minting, NFT staking, and asset trading, atop its gaming foundation. LoserChick boasts a unique advantage in its economic model design, having been tested and launched on the Polygon network, where it quickly became the hottest GameFi project for two consecutive weeks.

Token Symbol: CHICK
Contract Address: 0x2f8821ff0c39d46b8f08ee2cca2dad0806d9c194

Further Information:
Official Website: https://loserchick.fi/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chick_Labs
Telegram: https://t.me/loserchick2024
Medium: https://medium.com/@loserchick99

L7 Team
2024-04-04 9:30:00


There are further updates today and it is recommended not to use farming or other transactions until completed.

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