BITAI Airdrop (Scam)
BITAI Airdrop (Scam)

BITAI Airdrop (Scam)

Update 16.05.2024 website offline

UPDATE 28.01.2024 coin op dit moment ver in waarde gezakt, niet meer instappen.

BitAI lancering over 6 dagen.
Je kunt nu al registreren en ontvangt dan $20 als airdrop bonus.
+10 BITAI coins
Na de lancering kun je ook pakketten aankopen


Right now we are giving away Airdrop to whoever signs up with us through our Website,, or any referral link. The BitAi trading platform will launch soon. Once the platform has launched, users can buy packages, withdraw their balance, refer, and earn. Binary income will be there, and you will get a maximum of 250% profit on your investment. After that, you have to repurchase the package and earn 250% profit again, and it goes on and on.

Currently, your $20 sign-up bonus is invested in our trading platform, where our AI trading bot is generating 0.80% profit daily. You don’t have to do anything. Just sit back and relax; our AI trading bot will trade for you and give you profit.


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